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The Last Bomb

Published 1945

Academy Award-nominated documentary, which shows the 21st Bombing Command and its role in the B-29 bombing of Japan and the Pacific Theater of Operations (PTO).

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Run time 36 minutes 8 seconds
Producer United States. Army Air Forces
Audio/Visual sound, color
Language English


Reviewer: Kevldulf - - February 10, 2013
Subject: The Last Bomb..... maybe
First off, great stuff, Being able to see items of history like this in our own homes still amazes me.
A special thanks to all my fellow vets out there, especially to those that paid hard coin.

I just want to expand on the last bomb theme. There were significant Naval assets off the coast of Japan after the Battle of Okinawa. My father was XO of VBF-85 on the USS Shangri-La. They blew up everything that the high altitude fellows couldn't hit.

From his diary during his time on the Shang:

"Jack Dunn was shot down on 15 Aug. 1945 at Kashima seaplane base and landed successfully on Kasumigaura Lake. After he was hit, and before he landed, Flight Leaders were ordered to return home. Possible prisoner.
-The War Was Over-"

It is noted later that he was recovered, unlike many of VBF-85, including two of my father's roommates.
My mom, who did "work" for the OSS, often said; "People today have no idea how close we came to losing that war."

Oh, and I know it's the title of the film, but that doesn't make it right.
cheers ^^
Reviewer: bad1don - - January 3, 2013
Subject: same war different time
40 years ago i was on Guam doing the same job as an bomb/nav tech with the 9 th A.F. when we finished the people of Viet Nam wanted no more of the B 52's or an arclight mission..My dad was on Guam during ww2 giving them hell..passed it on to my watch. Rip dad..
Reviewer: jima321 - - December 4, 2012
Subject: The Last Bomb
Let us not ever forgetever the sacrifices made by these men.

I am honored to be an American and to have had the privilege to serve in the USAF.

MSgt Retired
AFSC: 1C5 (former 276) Aerospace Control and Warning Systems Operator
Reviewer: Rook1939 - - May 10, 2012
Subject: Many Thanks
Absolutley awesome! What a proud example of America’s greatest generation, every single one of those great Americans involved in WW-2 deserve every bit of thanks we can offer them.
Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to view this wonderful historical film
Reviewer: EZ Money - - January 30, 2012
Subject: The last bomb
This is the best documentary that I have had the opportunity to watch. I love history and the preservation of our country's heritage. This is something the schools do not teach anymore and soon will be forgotten if we don't keep the spirit alive. Thank you very much for a beautiful presentation.

EZ Money
Reviewer: skinwalker137 - - January 29, 2012
Subject: the last bomb
thanks for having this available. being the history buff that i am it was fascinating and extremely informative. keep them comming.
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